Our Team

We believe that the satisfaction of our clients and success of our projects is directly related to our talented team.

 Our team is made up of a diverse combination of geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineers, technologists, technicians and support staff.

Ray Machibroda

President/Principal Geoenvironmental Engineer

Cory Zubrowski

Geotechnical Team Lead/Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Danielle Prebble

Geoenvironmental Team Lead/Geoenvironmental Engineer

Jason Cochrane

Field/Laboratory Manager

Preston Schergevitch

Laboratory Supervisor

Tracy Paulhus

HR Advisor

Kelly Pardoski

Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Graham Baxter

Geotechnical Engineer

Jennifer Krasowski

Geotechnical Engineer

Catherine Griffith

Geoenvironmental Engineer

Arjun Paul

Geotechnical Engineer

Eric Antymniuk

Geotechnical Engineer

Angie Madden