Our skilled multidisciplinary staff of professionals are committed to providing our clients with cost effective, technically sound practical solutions while ensuring all regulatory requirements are met.

We have extensive experience in geoenvironmental engineering with trained professionals having completed thousands of projects including many complex sites for business owners, real estate companies, private and public sector clients.

Our geoENVIRONMENTAL services include:

The purpose of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is to determine if there is a potential for contamination and/or environmental concerns to be present on a site. The non-intrusive site investigation includes reviewing historical land uses and observing current conditions to determine if activities having occurred on the site and/or on neighboring properties have the potential for associated contamination to be present on the site.
Phase I ESAs are typically conducted at the request of lenders prior to financing a site, or they are conducted for due diligence purposes in conjunction with real estate transactions, redeveloping or rezoning a property, or as part of a lease agreement.
Our Phase I ESAs are conducted in accordance with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA Z768-01 [R2016]) Standards for Phase I ESAs and we are on the pre-approved consultants list for all the major financial institutions.

If contaminants are identified at a site in Saskatchewan a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) must be developed and implemented to address the contaminated soil and/or groundwater. A CAP is a document that proposes remedial strategies to address environmental impacts at a given site. This can include site remediation (e.g., excavation of contaminated soil) or management of the site such that existing contamination does not pose a risk to future development at the site.
Our team of Qualified Persons (QPs) work with our clients to ensure CAP submissions meet all the Ministry criteria.
Other services related to this stage of assessment and provided by our team include:

  • Site Remediation Engineering Services
  • Tier II/III Assessment
  • Risk Management with Future Reclamation
  • Site Decommissioning
  • Closure Reports
  • Notice of Site Condition (NoSC) Applications

A Phase II ESA is the first intrusive step in evaluating the environmental condition of a site. An investigation is conducted to confirm or refute the presence of potential contamination as identified in the Phase I ESA.
In general, our team investigates the site by using our owned and operated drilling rigs to collect soil samples and install monitoring wells to facilitate the collection of groundwater samples. The samples are analyzed using strict quality control procedures by a CALA certified laboratory. The results are then analyzed and compared to the appropriate standards (e.g., Saskatchewan Environmental Quality Standards [SEQS], Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment [CCME] guidelines, etc.) by our highly trained professionals. The findings of the investigation are then summarized in a report and recommendations are provided if further work is required.
Our Phase II ESAs are conducted by Qualified Persons (QPs) in general accordance with the CSA Z769-00 Standards for Phase II ESAs and any other relevant requirements (e.g., the Saskatchewan Environmental Code, the Environmental Management and Protection Act [EMPA, 2010], the Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan [FCSAP] 10-Step Process, etc.).
Other services related to this stage of assessment and provided by our team include:

  • Historical Discovery Reporting
  • Delineation of contamination
  • Baseline sampling
  • Annual monitoring/sampling

In accordance with a landfill Permit to Operate annual monitoring and sampling is a requirement for landfills in Saskatchewan. Our fully trained team of professionals and Qualified Persons (QPs) can handle the entire process including:

  • Working with your Environmental Protection Officer (EPO) to develop the monitoring and sampling plan;
  • Determining the location of the monitoring wells;
  • Installing the monitoring wells with our owned and operated drilling rigs;
  • Conducting the annual groundwater investigation; and
  • Reporting the results to the EPO.

We can also assist in the landfill closure process. Landfills are considered to be potentially impacted sites and follow the Site Assessment and Corrective Action Plan chapters in the Saskatchewan Environmental Code. Our team can assist in the following steps required to close a landfill:

  • Conducting a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment
  • Preparing a Corrective Action Plan (CAP)
  • Conducting Final Landfill Cover assessments
In additional to these services, our team of trained professionals also offer the following:

Air Monitoring
  • Subsurface vapour sampling
  • Ambient air sampling
  • Radon Sampling

Hazardous Material Assessments (HMA)
  • Hazardous Material Assessments (HMA)
  • Hazardous Material Sampling (Asbestos, lead paint)

Hydrogeological Assessments
Intensive Livestock Operation (ILO) Assessments
Sewage Lagoon Assessments
Dewatering Plans